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“Fortingall Roots” – a Local History Group 


‘Fortingall Roots’ was formed as a partnership of The Breadalbane Heritage Society, The Breadalbane Development Association, Fortingall Kirk Session, The James McLaren Society and Glenlyon School (1). It aimed to bring together people interested in the history and heritage of the Fortingall area, particularly to increase understanding of the role of Fortingall in the development of Christianity in the area. 

Work started in 2012 to raise funds. As an initial project, the group concentrated on surveying the gravestones in the Fortingall Churchyard and conserving the ancient stones.

Following the incorporation of The Breadalbane Development Trust in 2019, “Fortingall Roots” became a project of the BDT and more recently a sub-committee of the BDT. The group meets periodically to discuss matters of local culture and history-related interest. 




1 – https://canmore.org.uk/site/166619/fortingall-churchyard


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