The cultural heritage around Fortingall has attracted attention since at least the eighteenth century. In 1732 the noted antiquarian John Horsley (1) mentions ‘Fortingal’ camp in discussing possible sites of a battle between Romans and Caledonians in the 80’s AD. General Roy featured a ‘Roman Camp’ on his survey map of 1747-55, as did James Stobie in his map of 1783. Scobie’s map also shows a rectangular enclosure, a standing stone and a linear feature south west of Fortingall. The earliest OS map (1862) shows the ‘Roman Camp’, a rectangular ‘Praetorium’ and further to the east of Fortingall, standing stones.

Fortingall in James Stobie’s 1783 Map (National Library of Scotland)

  1. Horsley, J. (1732) Britannia romana: The Roman antiquities of Britain. J. Osborn and T. Longman, London, p.44. accessed June 2019

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